Update: Premium Blog Content.

Hey all, Happy Holidays. I hope you’re all keeping well.

Seeing there was just a flurry of visits to the site from folk I figured I should really drop an update note. I was planning on setting a page up, then making that page private again – but got called away for a minute (am over at the folks over Xmas).
When I came back there was a notification from WordPress telling me the site was experiencing crazy high visitor numbers all of a sudden.

Today I’ve dropped the scripts for four of the five Patreon episodes onto a ’Premium Content’ feed. The fifth, The Enfundu, was already released free to air. Someone asked me if could make those scripts available as they weren’t into podcasts… I figured why not… if the system allows for it.

I was planning on bulk releasing the Patreon scripts, with a new post on January 19th – but the cat’s out the bag now I guess?

None of the regular posts will be put out as ’premium’, only the Patreon posts. The bulk of new content will be free to air. All the older material will stay free to air. Where the Patreon (podcast episodes with attached scripts) costs US $2 a month to sign up. Script only will be available for US $1 a month.

I’m hoping to drop part two of the Xenophon saga early next week, and will be back to regular blog posts and podcast episodes 19th January 2022.

Merry Xmas, take care all. – Simone.

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