Back January 19th.

Hi everyone, just a quick update – happy new year to you all!

The blog and podcast will be back on January 19th. For the first sprint of the year I’m planning to look at
Witch hunts
A man besieged by his local ’water improvement association’
Phantom airships
Real airships used in terrible ways
An African warrior queen (podcast episode, will also drop a new blog post that week as the blog has already covered Njinga)
A heretic
A cult of infamous assassins
and the mystery man of Europe, known to his friends as Zed Zed.

Over the break I’ve been balancing regaining mojo with writing ahead. The blog scripts for the first five episodes of 2022 are locked and loaded. The sixth is halfway done. The first three episodes of the podcast are recorded – I’ll be mixing and editing the following week.

On the podcasts, and the dreaded day job – I’m trying to keep a couple of episodes ahead on the podcast in 2022, but trying not to get too far ahead on the recording as I’m looking to replace my Blue Yeti straight into an old laptop recording rig with a better quality microphone, into a recording console. As the dreaded day job always needs people to do overtime January through to March I’m trying to pay for the gear through as much overtime as I can manage round everything else. I don’t think I’ll still be a couple of months ahead come the first planned break in April, but am hoping to keep all of the balls in the air till then.

Sorry all, I’ll finish the Xenophon tale in the coming weeks as well. Back soon – Simone

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