Update: This week is delayed – new blog/episode tonight?

Hi all just a quick note. As some of you may know I’ve been a work from home person since before the pandemic. You may also know I rent a place where I have a couple of flatmates to help me pay someone else’s mortgage… The flatmates are normally not work from home people, and in the summer time (is a pretty humid low 30 degrees celsius in New Zealand at present) I’m normally able to work with the office/bedroom door wide open.

This summer I’ve managed precisely three days of this, between one of my flatmates workplaces allowing employees back in the office, and omicron finally arriving on our shores. We’re not currently in a lockdown, but a red light in a traffic light system which recommends people work from home when they can under red.

I have to keep the door shut when others are in the house for privacy reasons. The windows in the room have security locks on them, so I can’t throw those wide open either.

Anyway, long story short – I’ve been losing a couple of hours every day at present to aerate the room, get a shower, wait for the temperature to drop and get a dehumidifier running before I can head back up and get to podcasting. The current episode is maybe 3 hours from completion as I type this so should hopefully be up tonight NZ time.

Sorry for the delays everyone

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