Update: Just cause I haven’t done one for a while…

Hey everyone, just dropping a quick update today. I hope wherever you are reading from life is treating you well in these crazy times. 

I’ve currently put both the blog and podcast more or less on autopilot for a month while I work on the next block of posts/episodes. I’m hoping if I can get a few months ahead of schedule – things like catching something horrid like COVID, or working myself into burnout via my day job, or an Autumn getaway to Queenstown are all -hopefully -mitigated against.
Or, for that matter, those times where you pick a subject based on a compelling read – say the strange death of British boxer Freddie Mills – and the possible connection to the serial killer ’Jack the Stripper’. A week into that one (worked up in 2020) I came across far too many small details that didn’t match verifiable timelines to trust anything else the author had to say. Then other details started looking dubious.

Not that I’ve ever (knowingly) published a dodgy article, but I have hurriedly thrown something else together a couple of times when a topic seems iffy on further research,
…. or occasionally became suddenly tone deaf (I didn’t want to publish my piece on Tamar of Georgia – a Seljuk conquering, Christian warrior queen, just days after a vile Islamophobe murdered 51 New Zealand muslims, injured 49 more in Christchurch, New Zealand)
Time for quality control and enough material to quickly sub a piece would be a godsend.

Block two will contain five fortnightly episodes – four of which are locked in – one I may replace. The main text I need for the fifth is only available in hard copy, and costs hundreds of dollars.

I was going for an 8 episode/8 episode/ whatever is left before Xmas schedule this year, but the ballooning out of the Assassins series into a three parter messed the schedule up a little. 

The break following the next block will be much the same as this – podcast a couple of older blog posts yet to be turned into an episode,  with a new blog-only post the day before. I’m hoping to everyday podcast followers there’ll be no discernible interruptions till my month off at the end of the year, and to my readers just a couple of odd points where a new post without an attached podcast episode is followed soon after by an old one with a podcast player attached to it. 

Some, like the updated Carrington Event, will be revamped and added to considerably. Others, probably not so much so.

I was planning on dropping a podcast episode on The Bagradas Dragon in a few weeks’ time with a blog post on ‘Mr Whoppit’. I’ve shelved both for now – listeners can tell no doubt my voice sounded a little strained on Carrington – It was done towards the end of a long day of recording. My voice was on it’s last legs by time I got to those episodes, and had little projection left in me. Bagradas was much the same. I’ll run it again while doing the new episodes and reschedule for the next break. 

In the meantime, I recorded an episode on former British PM Spencer Percival when I first got the Rodecaster recording console. It’s been partially mixed for a while, just sitting in reserve on the off chance I caught COVID and was unable to record for a while. I’ll get that finished in the coming days. 

Re: Mr Whoppit – he is a little bear who has fascinated me for some time. Some time just before the daredevil Donald Campbell’s Bluebird was salvaged from Lake Coniston, my parents were on holiday somewhere in the North Island of New Zealand – possibly Napier or Hastings, when they met Campbell’s widow at a hotel bar one night. Conversations with the folks about their holiday led me to the aforementioned magical talisman. I thought he might make for a quirky tale, but I’m just not hitting the tone I want with the piece right now. I’ll come back to him, and have something else up in a few weeks for the readers. 

Thanks for your continued readership/listenership all. – Simone

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