Update: When The Swallows Come Back to Capistrano…

Hey all just a quick update. I’ve got this week’s blog post written, and the corresponding podcast episode recorded. I’m in the midst of putting the final mix, and background music together tonight. It might arrive a little late (Thurs, maybe Friday?) due to a couple of things I’ve got going on at the moment. 

Those things are little things, mostly. I always run the script for podcast episodes twice. When I got to the second run on this one, an arborist had set up two houses down to cut down some trees. Thinking I’d come back to it in a days’ time, a weather bomb settled in over much of New Zealand and we had close to a week of rain clanking against the metallic (tin?) weatherboards.

I don’t want to sound hard done by on this count. I’d take the rain over the heatwaves in the Northern hemisphere any day. In fairness to other parts of New Zealand, the country has had flooding. The news reported last night that a couple of houses in Wellington, situated on a cliff above a motorway may need to be demolished before they tumble down a heavily eroded cliff face – we’ve personally had nothing more than a little debris, a motorway bridge nearly closed, and panicked neighbours tying their kids trampolines to fence posts and the like. 

Background music has been fun this episode. I’d originally planned to use only music from the artist in question (we’re doing a musician’s Tale this week), but to reimagine some of his hits. An imitation wind-up music box cover of one song will make the cut. A Barrel-house piano cover of another might do yet, but it’s probably too messy

Our subject, who I accuse of being somewhat too ‘polite’ for my own tastes in the episode, turns out to be quietly subversive in ways I couldn’t have imagined before starting this.

For one, who else in 1940 was doubling trombone lines with a theremin?? At least I think that’s going on in When The Swallows Come Back to Capistrano???

The main reason I’m a little off target, however, is I’ve had an opportunity come up in my day job that I couldn’t pass on. It’s a more interesting role with better pay; and though the team I’m currently working for are all nice people (for one, they allow me to list this blog and podcast in my annual development plan), the other team have always been a joy to work for whenever I’ve had the opportunity. So yeah, add to the rain, chainsaws and theremins, a couple of nights writing a covering letter, then learning some of the basics of a job I’ve never done before – that week’s grace I had has taken a bit of a hit. 

Which brings me to my little change of plan. The new role comes with a steep learning curve that might knock me off my writing/researching/recording targets for a month or so. I’m pretty well on track to complete the script for next fortnight’s post/episode (on Major General Smedley Butler and the Wall Street Putsch). The one after, looking at The Johnson County War could do with a little bit more time, so I’m planning on moving it towards the end of the year. 

My current thought; put research to one side for a little while. After Wall Street, split the blog and podcast for a month or so. For the podcast, record a handful of pre-existing blog episodes (Frau Troffea’s Dance With The Devil, The Bagradas Dragon and The Sin Eater all seem good to record) 

For the blog I was thinking one of two directions. 

  1. Now could be a good time to write up some of those strange history/Forteana canon pieces everyone has read at some time – i.e. Kaspar Hauser/Tunguska Incident/Time Slips/The Man in the Iron Mask/Spontaneous Human Combustion/D.B Cooper etc. or
  2. I have an idea I was saving for the future, based around several short tales from English history (not too much to say on that right now, but I will say too few people talk about what happened to Oliver Cromwell’s head, for one…)

Both involve putting upcoming tales on Jorgen Jorgensen- the ‘Dog Days King’, and an odd story of vengeful Tally Sticks on hold till 2023. Most everything else should be fine, and on time this year.  

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