Update: Cyclone Gabrielle & (Probable) Delays

Hi everyone, just thought I’d drop a quick update. This week’s blog/podcast episode is likely to be a day or two late.
You may know, New Zealand was pummelled last week by a tropical cyclone. I came out of it fine – myself and my loved ones are all safe and sound. None of us found ourselves in flooded homes, though my brother may still be getting all his power from a diesel generator at time of writing. We were extremely lucky to come through unscathed. At time of writing there have been eleven deaths. Thousands of people have lost their worldly belongings to flooding. A couple of billion dollars worth of damage has been done to homes, land and infrastructure like a number of roads…

Please don’t think I’m complaining when I say several days of heavy rain and howling winds have put me a couple of days behind schedule. The noise bled into my mic too much, so I had to wait out the storm to record the next one. Apologies to everyone for the delay – I think I’ll have this week’s episode up Thursday night NZ time – Friday at the very latest.

If anyone is curious, that head start I got this year has mostly gone into preparations for a three parter that will drop in April. I’ll probably be sitting an exam for my day job some time around then and figured a little breathing space to study would be useful. The scripts for those three needed a tonne of re-writing… and as it’s a topic I have blogged about in the past, I’ve written three shorter blog pieces to go up blog-only those weeks also.
Well, technically not quite blog only – I’ve recorded those blog posts as Patreon minisodes to bulk up the Patreon a little to folks who prefer to listen.

Anyway, sorry folks, please hang in there, the next one is coming.

(Note: Featured image is just a stock picture I had around – not of the cyclone.)


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