Update: Patreon Bonus Episode (March) is Up.

Hi everyone, just a quick update – I’ll be dropping one of these monthly at the start of each month for a little while. I’ll more likely than not delete the previous month’s update when a new one comes in to avoid clogging the updates page with these. 

Readers, listeners – I’ve just dropped the latest monthly Patreon episode – a 12 minute minisode on Charles Delschau, and his memoirs detailing the Sonora Aero Club – a secret society of flyers Delschau alleged to have existed in 1850s Sonora, California. 

My plan is to drop a bonus minisode (mostly 10-15 minutes of audio, around 1,500 – 2,000 words text) on the first of each month. Once I reach my first target ($500 US a month in revenue,) I’ll increase this to two bonus episodes a month – with plans to increase beyond there as subscriptions increase. 

Regardless of how often I’m dropping Patreon material, I’ll run a monthly tally here so you can see what’s available on that channel. 

If this is interests you, I currently have the one tier – $2US a month (plus any goods and services taxes your country may change. In New Zealand, with our exchange rate and GST this comes to NZ $4 a month.) Like the blog posts here, all episodes come with a blog post of the script and a recorded episode attached up the top with a podcast player. The main difference is bonus episodes come with fewer images.

All money collected by me helps pay for the blog/podcast (yearly fees to WordPress and Podbean; my monthly membership to an art app called Bazaart, that I use to edit and resize images; books downloaded for the channel via the Kindle store etc.) Anything subsequent to that will help paying bills generally. 

If you’re reading my pitch and thinking “I’d like to help out, but money’s tight and/or I’ve got other commitments” no worries – I appreciate a number of you all drop by each month to see what’s new. All I ask is if I create something that resonates with you, please share it round with people you know who might like it too. Creative endeavours grow best by word of mouth. 

Anyway, thank you all for following this channel, and for your time today.

The Episodes

In September 2022 I released a six minute episode on Puyi, China’s last Emperor – and his love of a certain piece of modern technology.

The Murder mystery case of Otzi the Iceman (13 minutes.) 

The Tale of a reformed mobster named Owney Madden (12 minutes.) 

October, I discussed the case of The Salmesbury Witches – a less discussed though in my opinion far more intriguing case tried alongside the Pendle witch trials (seven minutes.) 

November, The Hammersmith Ghost – Irresponsible journalism, hauntings… a legal test case which has ramifications to this day – a lot happens in this seven and a half minutes. 

December, The Enfundu. Fifteen minutes on Uganda, it’s most infamous dictator and his unusual nemesis.  

January, technically dropped on Boxing Day 2022 – I released an episode called ‘Boxing Day’ about the heavyweight match which broke the ‘Colour Line’ between Galveston Giant, Jack Johnson and world champion Tommy Burns. This was a short outtake from my abandoned ‘12 Days of Christmas’ project.  

February, on Yasuke, the African Samurai and his boss, the Daimyo Oda Nobunaga (12 minutes.) 
March, Charles Delschau’s Memoirs (12 minutes.) 


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