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Simone Whitlow – History blogger, Podcaster. Composer of the music.. Maker of the cartoon images.

The internet states I’m breaking some cardinal rule in not having an About Me. As I don’t want to face any dire consequences …. here goes. 

I’m a history blogger, musician, songwriter and podcaster, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Having moved from teaching at a high school to a polytechnic, my teaching career was waylaid when the SARS virus cut off our supply of overseas students – and my current role (small cog in a big machine for a financial institution) became more permanent than I planned on by a long way.

2000 – 2012 I played guitar, mandolin, wrote songs for – and occasionally sang for a hard rock group called Ishtar. I’ll link to a social media page for the old band at some point. I’ve performed with full bands, as half of an acoustic duo, recorded an ep, done a little session work, added musical backing to a couple of plays and student films, and occasionally performed as a soloist.

I record all the music for the podcast, write most of it. 

I’m an obsessive reader and collector of historical tales – something which never really stopped for me on leaving university. I’m all over the place and could probably be described as a generalist – however most of my obsessions: Forteana, pop culture, civil rights, the development of ideologies and noble myths, music… I guess it all falls under Social History. Geographically, and temporally I’m similarly all over the map – and timeline.

I normally share a little about myself on the final paragraph of the show notes of each podcast episode. These are all true, and refer back to the episode in some way. I also mention there (cause my voice and visage look at odds with one another) I’m transgender, and use she/her pronouns.  

Outside of work I …. Well I do this really… and do pub quizzes, read, follow a load of podcasts… occasionally catch a play, band or movie.

Wanna Chat? Leave me a note below.