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The Batavia Series: The Wreck, The Heretic, The Voyage to the Cape, The Turn of the Screw, The Massacre, Water, Water Everywhere…, Wiebbe Hayes

Martial Bourdin: Blog, Podcast, YouTube
Hannibal in Bithynia: Blog, Podcast, YouTube
Tipu’s Tiger: Blog, Podcast
Eilean Mor: Blog, Podcast
The Beast of Gevaudan: Blog, Podcast.
Sabbatai Zevi/Dorothy Martin: Zevi Blog, Martin Blog, Podcast
Sophxit: Blog, Podcast
Three Short Tales: Blog, Podcast
Buried Alive!: Blog, Podcast
Mithridates: Prelude, Blog, Podcast
Grace O’Malley: Blog, Podcast
Jack Parsons: Blog, Podcast
Lord Lucan: Blog, Podcast

Tom Horn: One, Two, Three
Quoth The Raven – The Poe Toaster.
Charles Byrne’s Longest Show
Coffee! – The Swedes battle for a good cup of Joe.
Willie The Wimp (and his Cadillac coffin).
The Deadly Sophxit of Count Konigsmarck and Princess Sophia Dorothea
Denis Diderot’s Dressing Gown.
Mt. Tambora: Part One, Part Two.
Adrian Carton de Wiart: Part One, Part Two.
Merle Oberon
Grace O’Malley, The Pirate Queen of Connought.
The Vela Incident.

Musical Tales:
A Single Light Punching Through The Darkness
Goodnight My Love,
A Little Bird Told Me
Hazel Scott: The rise and tragic downfall of a phenom.
Before Rock and Roll: One, Two
Marsha Albert’s Letter

Christmas Special: 2019, 2020.a, 2020.b

Ziryab: Influencer Extrordinaire
Nellie Bly: The Heroine Who Took on a Madhouse
Guillaume Boucher and the Fountain of Karakorum
Charles Lennox Richardson and the Namamugi Incident
Ignaz Trebitsch Lincoln: One, Two
The Pendle Witches: One, Two
The Nature Boys: A Supermarket in California… , eden ahbez
The Carrington Event
Lord’ Timothy Dexter
The John Frum Series: One, Two.
The Macabre Death of Antoine Lavoisier
The Gombe Chimpanzee War

The Womans History Month Series:
2019: In the Loge,
Mary Anning,
Five Trailblazing Ladies,
The Trung Sisters.
2020: Hazel Scott.
2021: Njinga of Ndongo

The Temple of Artemis
…..What I wish March 15th 2019 was remembered for……
The Harrying of the North.
A Spy, A Physicist and A Pop Star.
Why O is for Owesome and OK is Oll Korrect.