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The Tales of History and Imagination podcast has a Patreon, where listeners can support the show for US $2 a month. This gets patrons access to a ten minute podcast episode every time I drop a main episode.

Readers of the blog can subscribe to a blog post only version of these Bonus Episodes for just US $1 a month/ US $10 a year.

Premium Content: Charles Delschau’s Memoirs…

Premium Content: Yasuke

The following, like the recent Salmesbury Witches Tale, is a script for a Patreon bonus episode. Both these episodes are free to all – though most Patreon scripts will be subscriber only at a cost of US $10 a year. Patreon followers get both the script and a podcast episode for US $2 a month. […]

Premium Content: The Salmesbury Witches

Hey all I’m taking the paywall off the next two Premium Tales. The podcast episode can be found on my Patreon. Normally you can access the bonus scripts here for $1.00 a month, the podcast episodes for $2.00 (USD) Jane Southworth, Jennet Bierley and Ellen Bierley stood in the dock, shackled and bound. The setting, […]

The Enfundu

Hey all, as I’ve got a podcast episode for the perennial ’Willie The Wimp (and his Cadillac Coffin) dropping this week, I’d intended to write a new post to go out alongside it. Truth is I’m a little burnt out. I’m also a little behind on schedule for the Patreon episode (recorded, both music and […]